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About Us

Student Traveller

Study Abroad Insurance, provides information about insurance protection and personal loans for foreign exchange students and people who travel internationally. Our short term loan program was recently introduced which gives U.S and Canada travelers access to emergency cash. We source our information from a wide variety of organizations which include most major colleges & universities, companies specializing in exchange programs, travel companies, clubs and business groups.

We are trying to establish global partnerships will all major international educators and work with Council of Standards for International Educational Travel (CSEIT). Students looking for education grants can the try American Association of Grant Professionals. They are the first organization dedicated to the advancement of grantsmanship as a profession.

Study Abroad Insurance For Individuals

Health insurance for US students studying abroad is for students involved in educational activities abroad. These plans typically include your choice of coverage for medical expenses. Benefits usually include medical expenses, emergency evacuation, transfer of remains in instances of death, emergency reunions, and twenty four hour assistance.

Study Abroad Insurance For Groups

Group health insurance plans for US students studying abroad are catered towards colleges, universities and other organizations which deal with students. This type of insurance plan usually includes a deductible rate insurance. Coverage may be available for faculty and staff members as well as eligible dependents in certain circumstances.

Emergency Loan Program

Our emergency loan program utilizes cash advances because they are typically funded the same day in which an applicant completes an application. You should only use these loans if it's an absolute emergency because the interest rates are very high typical of what you would see with payday loans. This program was orginally created for bad credit loans but has been adjusted and should only be used in dire situations as a last resort.

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